Robinson is making a name for herself on the court

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Leslie Robinson is making a name for herself on the basketball court, and is quickly becoming one of the best players in the state.

But considering her family, she's anything but your everyday high school junior.

Earlier this week, she saw her uncle, President Barack Obama, get sworn in for a second term as president of the United States.

Now she's back in Corvallis getting ready for a game against West Albany.

"It's not normal, but it's not terrible," said Robinson. "I have friends that don't mind it either. It's not our topic of discussion every time we hang out, which is great. That's why I love my friends."

It was President Obama, who once said Robinson was the best athlete in the family.

Her head coach, Jamie Medley couldn't agree more.

"She's the type of player that can make things happen," said Medley. "When you have a player like that, it opens everything else up."

Medley said that Robinson can play any position on the court. That means she can play point guard and bring the ball down the floor, or she can play at center.

"My brother is a good athlete, my dad was a good athlete, we just have a family of good athletes," said Robinson.

In the past, Robinson split time with volleyball and softball, but now she's all basketball, afterall it's in her genes.

"I'm still a daddy's little girl," said Robinson. "Having him being hard on me is rough, but now that I'm more dedicated to basketball, it helps. I know what he's saying and doing is helping me."

She continues to make a name for herself on the court.

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