Young North Bend soccer team progressing

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Coming into this season, many people expected the North Bend boys soccer team to have a re-building year, as they don't have any seniors on the roster.

That youth is performing just fine early on.

Kyle Zomerschoe, a team captain, says the young team is progressing nicely. "All of the young guys that we have, have a lot of good footwork, have a lot of control and they know what they're doing," he said. "I think playing the ball, that's been the key for us, we tire down teams playing the ball around them and eventually at the end we score."

That's the style their head coach, Tom Zomerschoe, wants to keep playing. "We try to outplay teams and spread them out and wear them down and win games that way."

But they aren't giving up on becoming a more physical unit. "We need to work on getting just a little more physical, because a lot of these teams we play are bigger and stronger than us," said team captain Chris Seldon.

Although the Bulldogs may lack size, they aren't lacking in leadership. "This team leads themselves, it's a great group to work with, they work very hard every practice," said Coach Zomerschoe. "I never have to worry about that."

Seldon agrees. "We definitely put our all into it and have done a really good job in these first few games," he said.

The Bulldogs are looking to build on their early success as they gear up to take on the South Umpqua Lancers.