Nick Cody leads 'Movember' movement for Ducks

Nick Cody has a mean-looking mustache.

"I'm hoping by the end of the month to get some wax or some gel in there and really start curling it out or doing something funny with it," Cody joked.

If the facial fuzz isn't for good looks, it certainly is for a good cause. 'Movember' is when men around the world grow mustaches in the month of November to help raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer.

"In sports you overcome a lot of things but in life you overcome so much more and cancer is one of those things that you really have to fight it and I've seen winning battles and I've seen losing battles," Cody said.

Oregon's senior offensive lineman from Brush Prairie, Washington won his own battle with thyroid cancer when he was in the third grade. This Thanksgiving will mark 14-years cancer free.

"It was one of the most trying times in my life and it really prepared me for later on in my life and all of the challenges that came with high school and football and just life," Cody reflected.

Life did get tougher for Nick as his father Cliff lost his fight with colon cancer in 2006.

"My junior year was one of the harder things in my life because I am in the process of football where you are getting looked at by college coaches and getting recruited and the games you play your junior year are really what those college coaches are going to see on tape and the whole time my Dad was getting sicker and sicker each week."

As a survivor and also hurt so deeply by the cancer, like so many of us have, Cody has been the face of 'Movember' for the Duck football team for the past three seasons.

Cody does it to raise donations, promote awareness and to have young people go out and get tested.

Some of Cody's fellow teammates as well as athletes, coaches and staff members from other teams at the UO have taken part in the 'Movember' movement, even if they can't all keep up with the power-growth that Nick has going on.

Just ask senior snapper Jeff Palmer who points to the weaknesses his face has in growing hair. "I have to dye it because everything is black around here, until here it's blonde. The dirtier it looks, the better."

Cody added, "At the end of the month it will either look awful or awesome and I'm leaning toward awesome right now."