Troy Polamalu leaves big tip during Winston restaurant visit

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu visited Winston Diner & Drive-Thru where he left a $100 tip. (Photo courtesy Winston Diner & Drive Thru)

WINSTON, Ore. -- Former NFL football star Troy Polamalu visited his high school town Wednesday, leaving a generous tip at a local restaurant.

The former Pittsburgh Steeler visited Winston Diner & Drive Thru where he left a $100 tip.

It's not the first time he has visited the restaurant.

"Troy has been coming in to our place since he was a kid, back when my folks ran the restaurant," said Kyle Winter with Winston Diner & Drive Thru. "He usually comes in a couple of times a year to enjoy food that he grew up on."

The restaurant responded to Polamalu's visit on their Facebook page: "Got to love our own sports legend!!!! Thanks Troy Polamalu for your generosity to the staff!! They feel blessed!!! You ROCK!!!"

"He usually comes in with the Polamalu clan and orders our famous logger burger," Winter said. "Most of my staff are too young to know who he is but my senior staff always recognizes him. He always leaves a great tip for the staff."

Polamalu graduated from Douglas High School in Winston in 1999.

He played football at USC and was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2003 where he played for 12 seasons.

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