Viking Pavilion taking shape at Portland State University

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The sun is shining on the Park Blocks of Portland State and everyone is feeling good about the renovations to the sports complex on campus.

“Oh, it’s so exciting,” says Athletic Director Valerie Cleary, “every day when we come by to see the progress that the team is making on developing this new facility for the athletic department. It’s not just the arena. It’s our entire athletic department. We’re getting ready to move our staff over. It’s really going to be the next phase of what we’re trying to do here with Viking athletics.”

Discussions for the project started six years ago and then there was fundraising. They broke ground just over a year ago and the total cost will be 51 million dollars. Justin Cook of Fortis construction is the project manager.

“It’s an active campus, obviously,” says Cook. “ We want to make sure we don’t impact the athletes or the public or the students on campus. So, our schedule is intertwined tightly with the academic calendar and the athletic calendar on campus. So it’s going to work great.”

They finished the weight room at the end of last summer and the Viking Pavilion is taking shape and Cook talked about the toughest challenge with the project.

“A lot of the components of the existing building remain for savings of dollars on the overall project,” says Cook, adding, “so integrating new structure with the existing structure was probably one of the most challenging pieces of that, but as you can see we’re pretty much through on the structural side, so now we’re getting into the finishes of the arena itself.”

The new arena will seat 3,000 seats, but there is so much more to the project.

“I think the great thing about this facility,” says Cleary, “is it’s not just going to be an arena. There’s classroom space, there’s going to be a coffee shop, a lounge area, some study spaces as well. So it’s definitely going to be a

Place that all of the students at Portland State can enjoy”

The arena should be ready early next year.

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