June 26, 2018 | Science Pub - Expect the Unexpected: Fire Management Challenges & Opps.

Expect the Unexpected: Fire Management Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Climate presented by Amanda Stamper of the Nature Conservancy will be the focus of the June 2018 Science Pub. Ms. Stamper will discuss the challenges facing fire managers as climate change continues to impact weather and environmental conditions that contribute to wildfires such as those experienced across the Pacific Northwest last summer. With challenges come opportunities to work collaboratively across all landscapes to make meaningful progress towards developing resilient landscapes, fire adapted communities and safe and effective wildfire response.

The CFWWC hosts a family-friendly monthly public meeting series called the Coast Fork Science Pub on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 5-7pm at the Axe & Fiddle, 657 E. Main Street in Cottage Grove. The event begins with informal socializing, trivia, and updates about the watershed and watershed council during the first hour. The Science Pub presentation begins at 6pm. CFWWC receives 10% of all sales from the evening between 5-7:30pm.

The event is free to the public, with a $5 donation suggested. For further information, visit Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council on Facebook or

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