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      Drier weather will be seen across the region this morning. Our most recent storm system is quickly pushing eastward. Roadways today may have icy spots with snowpack roads in the Cascades for locations above 2,500 feet.

      In the Willamette Valley, travel today should be easy. A few icy spots in the early morning are possible. Partly cloudy skies are on tap today with more clouds in the morning than in the evening. Highs will make it into the mid 40s. Thanksgiving morning will be cold for the region; temperatures will begin in the lower 20s and warm into the lower 40s. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have sunshine and mid 40s. The next storm system will arrive early next week.

      Along the Oregon Coast drier weather is on the way as well. Partly cloudy skies will be had today with temperatures in the 40s. Sunshine will arrive Thursday. Thanksgiving will see mid to upper 40s with dry weather as well. This coming weekend remains dry as well. Highs will sit in the upper 40s with only a few clouds overhead. When the next storm begins to hit the coast on Monday, clouds will increase and temperatures will warm ahead of the arrival of rain.

      The Umpqua Valley will have sunshine today and though the holiday weekend. Temperatures will warm into the lower 40s this afternoon. Thursday will see temperatures around 40 degree with overnight lows in the mid 20s. No rain will be had for the next few days. High temperatures on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will stay in the lower 40s. A few clouds will be seen, but for the most part skies will stay blue. The next storm will arrive early next week.

      Updated Wednesday morning by meteorologist Travis Knudsen on November 25, 2015.

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