Lane County Fair opens Wednesday with no restrictions
The Lane County Fair opens without restrictions on July 21, 2021. (SBG)

Corndogs, elephant ears, cotton candy. It's all making a comeback at this year's Lane County Fair.

After not having the fair last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fair is ready to open its gates on Wednesday - and we're taking a closer look at this year's event.

Assistant Manager Rachel Bivens says they're going full force this year - with no restrictions.

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Food vendors tell us the pandemic was a big ouch financially, and they're glad to have the fair back as normal as possible.

Especially for those looking forward to fair treats.


"We make them fresh, made to order, we put strawberries, whip cream, chocolate caramel sauce, Oreos," explains food vendor Serena Mustard.

She'll be at the funnel cakes trailer and the elephant ears trailer.

We caught up with her as she was setting up for opening.

"Today is going good. We got the necessities, we got the water running and the electricity. So, we're just cleaning both trailers and setting up and shopping for both trailers. We're looking forward to this fair!"

Food vendors are eager for this year after missing out on last year's revenue.

"It's good to be back and doing festivals again after all this time," Mustard says,

The rides, concerts and food will be back this Wednesday in their entirety.

"Our goal this year was to plan a fair that looked and felt as normal as possible," Bivens says. "We had multiple plans in place based on what the possibilities were going to be. At this point in time, they dropped the restrictions; we kind of went for the full fair."

No restrictions means no masks and no social distancing.

But you may still wear a mask if you'd like.

"Our carnival is here in full force, our vendors are here in full force," Bivens explains. "There's animals, there's concerts, there's creative exhibits. We have a full fair here for everyone."

The fair begins Wednesday and ends on Sunday.

musical acts this year include Big and Rich and Nelly.

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