What's a 'healthy plate' look like?

Heart disease is still the nation's number one killer, causing one out of three deaths.

The research is clear: watching your weight and eating nutritious, healthy foods can decrease your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Today is National Eating Healthy Day and we're all being encouraged to envision a "healthy plate" when we plan our meals.

Amy Reuter, with the Puget Sound division of the American Heart Association, explains what your plate should look like.

"Half of that plate be fruits and vegetables and even more vegetables than fruit to get the vitamins and minerals that we need to both help our heart and keep us healthy overall," she said.

Another quarter of your plate should be grains.

"Most of those grains should be whole, things like whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread and brown rice," Reuter said.

The last quarter of your plate is for your protein sources, so lean meat, skinless chicken breast, salmon, nuts, beans, eggs are perfect choices there," Reuter told me.

The American Heart Association is inviting social media users to take a photo of their healthy plate and share it out via Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #AHAmyhealthyplate.

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