Democrat McLeod-Skinner looks to win Oregon's Republican-held 2nd congressional district

Jamie McLeod-Skinner talks one-on-one with Steve Dunn in Your Voice, Your Vote - KATU image.

Oregon has five congressional districts, and currently only one is represented by a Republican.

In the November election, Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner is trying to unseat Republican Congressman Greg Walden in the state’s 2nd congressional district.

McLeod-Skinner says the district, which encompasses the central and eastern portions of the state, is not as red as people think.

“My district is not a blue district and frankly it’s not just a red district. It’s more of a purple district. As I like to say in the 2nd congressional district, most Democrats hunt to put food on the table and most Republicans have a beloved gay family member. It’s a more independent-minded, Libertarian almost, leaning district,” McLeod-Skinner said.

The candidate sat down with KATU’s Steve Dunn to discuss why she thinks she can win this district, and covers other topics facing her district and the state.

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