PIC: Chris Hemsworth tweets staggering weight loss photo for upcoming film

Chris Hemsworth doesn't recommend the diet he used to achieve the 19th century sailor's physique for his new film "In the Heart of the Sea." (MGN)

Celebrity weight loss is usually met with a Google search about workout routines.

The Google search "Chris Pratt" auto-completes with the suggestion "Chris Pratt weight loss," for example.

But when another famous "Chris" tweeted a photo of his dramatic weight loss, fans were more concerned about his health than his lack his muscles.

Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, of Marvel's Thor fame, was named PEOPLE's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2014. But a recent photo posted online shows a staggering drop in weight achieved through with, what he calls the "Lost At Sea" diet and training program.

"Just tried a new diet/training program called "Lost At Sea". Wouldn't recommend it.. #IntheHeartoftheSea.

Hemsworth is making the rounds promoting the his new film "In the Heart of the Sea," which premieres Dec. 11. He

The actor had already begun slimming down for his role in "Black Hat," before dropping a further 15 pounds for his latest seafaring adventure flick, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The Mirror reports Hemsworth lived on a 500-calorie-a-day diet.

Hemsworth now joins the ranks of other famous actors like Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey who each lost 62 and 21.5 pounds, respectively, for leading-man roles.

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