3A state basketball tourney kicks off in Coos Bay, North Bend

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NORTH BEND, Ore. -- It's that time of year on the south coast - the kickoff of the OSAA Class 3A State basketball Tournament.

16 teams (8 boys, 8 girls) travel from across the state to take part in the annual event in the bay area.

"It's a boom to our economy, especially in what we consider our slow season," says Janice Langlinais with North Bend Visitor and Convention Bureau. "It brings in somewhere between half a million and three quarters of a million dollars in economic impact into our communities, which is amazing at this time of year."

Langlinais says the tournament not only brings in the teams, but also their families, friends and supporters.

"This economic impact comes into our hotels, because they're staying at our hotels overnight, several nights in fact. They eat in our restaurants, they shop in our shops, they're going to our attractions when they're not on the court."

Local businesses say they are seeing a boost


"Where it impacts us the most is Wednesdays, Thursdays," says Katherine Hoppe with The Mill Casino. "On weekend we typically sell out, but having the teams, fans and families come in early and fill the hotel, we'll be completely sold out tonight and for the next couple days."

Marshfield and North Bend high schools host the basketball games.

"This is our eighth year hosting the 3A basketball tournament and we think that we're gonna have four more years after this at least, and hopefully a lot more than that," North Bend Athletic Director Mike Forrester says.

The tournament kicks off Thursday afternoon and runs through Saturday.

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