'Adulting 101' classes for young adults launch at North Bend Public Library

    North Bend Public Library hosted its first Adulting 101 class, Feb. 25, 2017. (SBG photo)

    NORTH BEND, Ore. -- A local library has launched a new program to help young adults fend for themselves once they leave home.

    "Adulting," as the kids call it, is hard. But the North Bend Public Library is making it a little easier.

    "On the first class of Adulting 101, we covered basic cooking skills that you can do in your dorm,” explained Assistant Director of Library Services Teresa Lucas. “We also talked ways to stretch your dollar in the grocery store and how you can get the most bang for your buck."

    The class was taught by a library aid, but how did she become an expert in adulting?

    "I also lived in a dorm in my first year of college, and I lived in varied apartments, some of which didn't have kitchens and didn't allow you to have kitchen supplies,” explained library aid and Adulting 101 instructor Clara Piazzoli, “and so I left home not really knowing how to cook and I ended up getting very inventive and teaching myself a lot of these tips."

    One parent who brought his kids to the class appreciated the tips.

    "I just think it's important for children to learn these kinds of things from someone other than their parents because sometimes they don't listen to their parents and this actually gave a lot of good information for the kids to use," said parent Chris Toney, who attended Adulting 101.

    "We felt it was important to bring Adulting 101 to the North Bend Public Library to provide more resources for young people on how they can better their lives in our community," Lucas added.

    The next Adulting 101 class is scheduled for March 18. That session will cover financial know-hows.

    Here's a listing of upcoming courses, as described by the Adulting 101 staff:

    March 18: Financial Know-how - How to balance a checkbook, set a budget, file your own taxes, and build credit

    April 22: Getting a Job - How to write a resume and cover letter, and how to interview

    May 20: News and the like - How to find and understand real news on the Internet

    June 17: Moving out? - How to live with roommates, find an apartment, and talk to your landlord

    July 22: Odds and ends - How to check and refill your oil, use a breaker box, reset an outlet, clean an oven, and anything else you want to know how to do!

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