Bandon cranberry growers see prices fluctuate

(SBG image)

BANDON, Ore. -- As the leaves on trees change, cranberries reach their peak in color and flavor.

Fall is cranberry harvest season.

On the south coast, cranberries are an important source of farm income in Coos and Curry counties.

Near Bandon, small growers tell us they've had good and bad seasons, and have seen the price of cranberries fluctuate.

In recent years, some independent growers have received less per pound than it costs to produce the fruit.

"There are just way too many cranberries in the world right now so it's knocked independent prices way down - 20, 22 cents a pound,” explains cranberry grower Barry Winters. “We used to get 60 cents a pound, so expenses have gone up, income's gone down. Hurts big time; a lot of families have come here to work and had to get other jobs.”

There are over a hundred cranberry farms in Coos and Curry counties.

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