Bay Area Hospital hands out nearly $500,000 in grants to non-profits

Bay Area Hospital hands out nearly $500,000 in grants to non-profits

COOS BAY, Ore. - For Bay Area Hospital, this was a day for giving back to the community.

Grant money plays a big part in the work that a lot of non-profits do to help other on the south coast. The Coos History Museum was filled to capacity as Bay Area Hospital handed out nearly half a million dollars in grants on Wednesday.

The money is going to 38 non-profits, including Healing Sounds and the Women Assisting in Patient Care.

Healing Sounds is getting $11,000 for their musical therapy work at the Bay Area Hospital. Coos County Area Transit is also being awarded $7,000 to help them deliver another way to help people get around the area.

The hospital does it's homework to find out which program will get the money.

"What helps build up the health of the community, and that's really the mission statement of the hospital, and sort of our mission statement while looking at funding different organizations," said Dr. Tom McAndrew, a board member.

As the larger employer on the coast, the hospital board says they're committed to giving back to the community.

The hospital delivered the second part of a $1 million grant to Southwestern Oregon Community College, where the money is being given over four years to help pay for a new health and science building at the college.

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