Black Lives Matter artwork torn down at Portland's Hollywood Transit Center

Photos of the posters from the Black Lives Matter #NotBlackFriday Not One Dime event courtesy K. Kendall

A display of posters and artwork went up along the walkway at the Hollywood Transit Center on Friday, only to be torn down and defaced the following day.

The art, most of which was created by local artist Ameya Marie, was put up as part of the Black Lives Matter #NotBlackFriday Not One Dime event.

The artwork featured African Americans killed by police and the two victims of May's stabbing on the MAX.

On Saturday, many of the posters were littering the walkway up to the entrance of the light rail station. Parts of the ripped posters were still in place on the wall. "Get a job" was written over one poster.

"The reason why we were inspired by doing this year is because of the tragedy that occurred in the space," said Teressa Raiford.

At Friday's event, organizers handed out free clothes and food to people in need. Raiford said she wanted people to see that local Black Lives Matter activists were about bringing the community together.

Returning to the Hollywood Transit Center on Saturday, Raiford said she was upset to see the damage done.

"I was hoping that people will take that message and create a better future," she said.

Some people walking through the center on Saturday said they found the anti-police statements offensive. AJ Herald said she is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I do see a lot of hate towards the police here. That's something that makes me sad. I want very much for the police to protect and serve and we've seen them go above and beyond sometimes in good ways a lot of times, and most recent history and our nation in bad ways," Herald said.

Raiford spent part of the afternoon cleaning up the posters that were torn down. She said the images will live online.

"Right now, in the digital age, they didn't take anything down."

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