Blood donations skyrocket in Eugene following Las Vegas tragedy

Lane Blood Works has seen nearly double the number of donors since the Las Vegas tragedy on Sunday.

EUGENE, Ore. - Blood donations are always needed, but never more so than following a tragedy like the one in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Here in Eugene, Lane Blood Works is receiving a high number of walk-ins and appointments from local residents wanting to help.

According to Lane Blood Works, they average about 45 appointments per day, but after the Vegas shooting, that number doubled.

Las Vegas officials say they don't need any more blood donations at the moment, and they're asking donors to hold off until about next Tuesday.

Lane Blood Works says they are ready to ship out the donations whenever they are needed in Las Vegas.

"As folks go into surgeries, that need will continue, so we are on standby so we are waiting for them to call and then we will deliver what is needed," said Anette Casper of Lane Blood Works.

Lane Blood Works says whenever there is a tragedy, they need platelets, which only have a five-day shelf life, compared to blood, which can be frozen for 45 days.

Depending on the number of appointments Lane Blood Works has throughout the week, they will be open for extended hours.

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