Businesses worry Memorial Day Weekend will be a bust after algae bloom at Detroit Lake

Detroit Lake/KATU News photo

Locals near Detroit Lake are worried a recently-discovered algae bloom will hurt their business this Memorial Day Weekend.

Recent tests came back positive for blue-green algae, and the toxin levels could be harmful to humans and pets.

The blooms have been identified in certain areas of the lake. Officials say people should avoid swallowing water while swimming, or inhaling droplets during high-speed activities like water skiing or power boating in algae bloom areas.

Children and pets are particularly at risk, OHA says, and people should keep a close eye on them when around water.

Water from public drinking water systems goes through filtration and disinfection processes that can reduce algae toxins. Anyone getting their water from the lake should stop at once.

The toxins cannot be absorbed through the skin, however, some people might have a puffy red rash if they come in contact with the algae.

The algae blooms look like foamy, pea-green, blue-green, or brownish-red areas that are thick like paint. They can also be identified by small bright-green clumps floating in the water.

When KATU News visited the lake Thursday, a sign warning beach-goers of the algae bloom was missing from a wading area often visited by kids and dogs.

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