CASA of Coos County welcomes new monitors in push to help more foster children

(SBG photo)

COQUILLE, Ore. -- The Court Appointed Special Advocates program in Coos County (CASA) welcomed three new monitors in an effort to have eyes on every foster child.

"We have on average, in Coos County, 280 children in foster care we are currently serving about 112 children, but we have many more on the waiting list," says CASA volunteer coordinator Liz Tarrant.

To solve that, CASA has created the new position to be more flexible - monitors who will visit the kids an average of one hour per month per child and report their findings.

Emily signed up in part because of the flexibility. She's excited for the chance to help the kids, "to give these kids a voice," she says, "because they didn't ask to be in this situation."

CASA monitor Karen Taylor agrees. "You really relate to the kids and you are a speaker for the kids."

Monitor Brian Rosas works in special education and with high-need kids. He joined CASA understanding the need for this new position.

"There's a large amount of child neglect and abuse," Rosas says. "Actually, the judge said that there's a huge amount of children she's working with."

"Much is going to change in their life," says Tarrant. "We are the one constant in their life."

The judge says they already have kids ready to be appointed to CASA monitors.

It's up to the CASA monitor to decide when they want to start a case.

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