Charleston Fishing Families dedication ceremony happens Saturday morning

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CHARLESTON, Ore. -- Charleston Fishing Families is holding a dedication ceremony Saturday (Dec. 10) which will also serve as an official launch into the community as a nonprofit organization.

During the dedication, a new portion of net will be added to the already existing net with 3,000 crab tags at the Englund Marine in Charleston.

The net along with $10,000 was given to Charleston Fishing Families by the Bearing Sea Fisherman's Tour. A man from an Alaskan fishing crew named Terry Barkley helped deliver it.

His brother, Jerry Barkley, was the captain lost on the Patty AJ in March.

Jerry Barkley's tag is one of the many lost crew members added, but now the community can buy a tag at any price to add to the net.

All proceeds go to Charleston Fishing Families’ Fishermen's Relief Fund.

"I think it's just crucial in our area,” says Charleston Fishing Families president Jackie Chambers. “We haven't had something like that for a really long time, so to have something for the fisherman to rely on in hard times, or in times of tragedy, is very important. It's a very unknown … job occupation."

The dedication ceremony is Saturday at 11 a.m. at Englund Marine.

All proceeds from Saturday’s event go to the family of Nick Wright, a former employee of Englund Marine who was killed in a car crash last week.

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