City of North Bend to begin series of safety alert tests at noon

(KCBY image)

NORTH BEND, Ore. – City of North Bend is scheduling a series of tests for its public safety alert system starting Friday, February 2.

The city will test the horn every Friday at noon.

It's located on the main fire station on McPherson.

It'll be used to warn of an imminent or occurring public safety emergency, like a tsunami.

Fire officials say if the horn goes off any time other than at noon on Fridays, it'll be a signal to tune into local news outlets or check the city's website for emergency information.

"We found out that last week, when we had the tsunami watch, that we needed to give the city of North Bend a notification other than driving around in our emergency vehicles to alert the public that there is a potential for a tsunami situation or any kind of emergency," said North Bend Fire Lieutenant Brian Waddington.

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