Civil Air Patrol honors veterans with Wreaths Across America

The Oregon chapter of the Civil Air Patrol participates in Wreaths Across America to honor veterans, Nov. 3, 2018. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. -- A civilian organization that works with the Air Force--the Oregon wing of the Civil Air Patrol--was out in Eugene Saturday.

The group was on a mission for the annual Wreaths Across America event to honor fallen soldiers.

Every year, community members get a chance to honor veterans through the event at thousands of cemeteries nationwide.

"We do a small ceremony and then we walk out with those wreaths,” explained Crissy Rosenau with Civil Air patrol. “We place them on the headstones of fallen soldiers."

Over the weekend in Eugene, cadets and senior members of the Patrol gave the public an opportunity to support veterans and donate to the cause.

"These are real people and they really lived,” Rosenau said, “and they really served this country and they really protected this country. It's really important that people understand that this isn't just a casual thing."

The cause is close to Rosenau's heart; her father was in the military.

The money donated will purchase wreaths that will be used in the ceremony just before Christmas.

"It's really important because the people that we’re honoring gave their lives for this country,” said Cadet Staff Sergeant Perry Johnston. “They served and it's important just to recognize what they gave for us."

Rosenau says the event is a good way to educate young cadets about sacrifice, honor and respect.

"We really need that in the country today; we really need to bend together; we really need to pull together, respect and love and care for each otherfor everybody."

The Civil Air Patrol will be accepting donations at the Fred Meyer on River Road, Saturday, November 17 at 11 a.m.

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