Coffee with a Cop: Coos County Sheriff's Office talks safety in light of Vegas shooting

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CHARLESTON, Ore. -- The Coos County Sheriff's Office held its first Coffee with a Cop Monday morning in Charleston.

"This is for us to get out and meet with the citizens and just have conversations over a cup of coffee," said Capt. Kelley Andrews with Coos County Sheriff’s Office.

Those conversations varied from expressing neighborhood concerns to showing appreciation for local deputies, to what a person should do in a mass shooting situation like what happened in Las Vegas.

Said Andrews about such situations: "Get away and call the police, call 9-1-1 and get us responding that way, because you can't do anything for your family or anybody else if you yourself are not safe."

One person took time off to be at Coffee with a Cop.

“My main intent was to specifically thank one deputy that came to my aid a few months ago that, had he not been there, I wouldn't be here," revealed Brent Smith of Coos County.

While this is the first Coffee with a Cop event for the sheriff's office, it certainly won't be the last.

“I'd love to see next year if we would get together for the whole week and have each day be another area of the county to hold one of these."

Bringing the community and law enforcement together one cup of coffee at a time, more than 80 cups of coffee were served Monday morning.

Coos County Sheriff's Office hopes to have another Coffee with a Cop event before the end of the year.

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