Commissioners agree to help Leaven No Trace dispose of more trash through mid-June

County Commissioners have pledged to pay for the disposal of five tons of trash per week until mid-June. (SBG photo)

COQUILLE, Ore. -- It's a project aimed at cleaning up Coos County.

Now, piles of trash collected by Leaven No Trace continue to grow, and so does the cost to dispose of it.

The man behind the project, Raymond Block, along with volunteers, has collected more than 55 tons of trash, including more than 3,000 tires.

But disposing of the trash is expensive, especially tires.

County Commissioner John Sweet says it costs about $100 dollars per ton.

At a meeting Wednesday, Block asked the County for financial support.

The County has already taken more than 40 tons off his hands.

Wednesday they pledged to pay for the disposal of five tons per week until mid-June.

Commissioner Sweet says, in total, that will cost the County Solid Waste Department about $10,000.

"We'd like to see the county cleaned up," Sweet said. "We have way, way too much trash that's just been dumped in the woods, and it's a big issue. It's ongoing. A lot of what he's doing, thankfully, is from years past. But there are years and years of accumulation. But it's still going on and so we'd like to help out as best we can."

The project is hosting a raffle fundraiser and bottle drive this Sunday at Mingus Park.

Visit the Leaven No Trace Facebook page for more information.

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