Coos Bay man arrested in his former home for trespassing, drug charges

Greg Keuhne (Coos County Sheriff's Office photo)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Coos Bay authorities arrested a man Saturday after they say he trespassed into a foreclosed home, Coos County Sheriff's Office said.

Around 10:40 that morning, deputies were dispatched to a possible criminal trespass at 92679 Libby Lane in Coos Bay.

They say the home had gone through foreclosure and when the real estate agent went to check on it, they heard a guitar being played inside.

Deputies responded and found 48-year-old Gregory Keuhne of Coos Bay inside the residence.

The home had been his prior to foreclosure, police said.

Deputies arrested Kuehne for criminal trespass and seized approximately 1.3g of methamphetamine and a smoking device next to the guitar.

Kuehne was taken to the Coos County Jail and charged with Criminal Trespass and Probation Violation.

Keuhne was released on his own recognizance, police said.

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