Coos Bay - North Bend Visitor Center works on solution to keep tourists in town

Coos Bay - North Bend Visitor Center & Convention Bureau (SBG)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- The Oregon coast is home to beaches, hiking trails and local downtown business areas.

It's also a destination for tourists.

But the problem can be keeping them here.

The Coos Bay-North Bend Visitor and Convention Bureau has a solution.

"We're helping our residents not only know the wonderful things they can do in our town, but to help tourists know what they can experience when they come," said the bureau's Janice Langlois.

Now there's a free online program for anyone to become a community ambassador who can help encourage tourism.

"Tourists in the whole of Coos County in 2017 spent $258.1 million," said Langlois.

That money went toward hotels, recreation, local restaurants and shops, including Brian Menten's Sharkbites Café and Waxers Surf and Skate Shop.

"Tourism impacts my business every year. Basically June through September, I must say 70, percent of the people here are tourists," said Menten.

"There's really just a ton of great things to do around here and to be able to transmit that to our visitors can be difficult," he added.

Menten says says he and his employees plan to take course.

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