Coos Bay Police train for dangerous situations using interactive system

Coos Bay Police Department trains for high-pressure & dangerous situations using the Milo Range 3000 system, Feb. 15, 2018. (SBG)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- To shoot or not to shoot - a decision Coos Bay police officers are learning how to make through the Milo Range 3000 training program.

"It's a computer- and video-based scenario, human-interactive system," says Coos Bay Detective Ken La Brousse.

It provides officers with decision-making training that simulates real-life scenarios, such as "an active shooting in progress at a local school," as the program audibly states during training session we saw.

Commands are controlled from a laptop and laser technology registers the officer's gunshot on the screen.

"It just gives us an opportunity in more of a controlled environment to be able to hone in our skills," Coos Bay Police Chief Chris Chapanar says, "to where we can go through those and discuss, we can apply our policy to those types of encounters."

Officers have a chance to interact with the people on the screen and try to gain their compliance.

That may mean using a lower degree of force or going up to and including lethal force.

"It's been proven that the more the training, the safer our officers are and the safer the community," Chapanar said.

The department's main goal is to keep their officers at a high level of performance.

Chapanar says Milo isn't the only training provided to officers over the course of the year. Other opportunities are offered to maintain officer skill level.

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