Coos Bay schools move forward with construction of new school, building maintenance

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COOS BAY, Ore. -- Progress is being made in Coos Bay toward the construction of a brand-new school and maintenance work on other school district buildings.

Last November, voters approved a bond measure for schools in the district.

The nearly $60 million measure will fund the improvement of buildings and new construction, including a new elementary school in Eastside to replace Blossom Gulch.

"The board has, I believe, two years to spend the first 80 percent of our bond funds, so our first step in that was hiring a project management team,” explained Coos Bay School Board chairperson Adrian DeLeon, “after that, it's going to be getting architectural services and all the construction and contactors lined up."

Alsea-based Integrity Management Solutions was hired by the Coos Bay School District to oversee all aspects of construction and maintenance under the bond measure.

"We'll be having community meetings at key points to share some of the concepts with folks, and then it will be on the east side, probably about a year before we look at actually starting construction," said senior project manager Christopher Giggy.

Giggy hopes to have an architect and engineering firm on board next month.

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