Coos Bay Walmart among stores using new tech to eliminate checkout lines

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COOS BAY, Ore. -- Thanks to technology, consumers now have a lot of new ways to shop.

Waiting in a checkout line may soon be a thing of the past at Walmart in Coos Bay.

The store has launched a new service called Scan and Go.

"You can come in, you pick up a Scan and Go wand and go through the store, and you select items, you're able to scan it, bag it, and come up to the front and pay as you go," said store manager Jim Larue.

Some customers are already using it.

"It was quick and easy for us,” said Scan and Go customer Paige Elliott. “Normally, we're standing waiting in line for a few minutes or so, then we started using this and we're in and out."

Walmart initially rolled out Scan and Go in 25 stores four years ago. This year, they're expanding it across 33 states to a hundred new stores, including Coos Bay.

The Scan and Go service also allows customers to scan items and pay for them directly through the mobile app.

All you have to do is show the digital receipt and you're ready go, without waiting to pay a cashier.

"We know that people's time is valuable and this way they can come in, they don't have to wait in any lines,” Larue said. “They can just get their items, get out the doors quickly."

The Scan and Go service could soon make waiting in a checkout line obsolete.

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