Coos Bay workers to re-stripe city streets next week

(KCBY image)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Driving in Coos Bay will be a bit challenging next week.

City workers will be re-striping the roads to make those locations safer.

It's a two-day process without lane closures, and the paint dries in less than a minute.

But there's something city workers want you to keep in mind.

"(Drivers should be) careful as they see these rigs in their community striping, avoid the areas if they possibly canif they can't, just stay behind them until they can get clear and get around them,” says City of Coos Bay Operations Administrator Randy Dixon. “The goal there is to make the corridor safe for motorists, and bicyclists and pedestrians."

He says it's part of the City's larger plan to improve the pavement.

They also have a goal of fixing the 1,000-plus potholes on the city's streets.

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