Coos County deputies train to take down illegal marijuana grow operations

(Photo courtesy Coos County Sheriff's Office)

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Coos County deputies are training to take down illegal marijuana grow operations on the south coast.

Last week, the Emergency Response Team organized a training at the site of an illegal grow in a rural part of the county.

They say it made a perfect training site because the people who were operating it left last July.

Deputies believe the grow operation was run by a Mexican cartel.

Although marijuana is legal in Oregon now, they say this type of grow is not.

"The problem, number one, it's growing on federal land,” Coos County Sheriff’s Captain Kelley Andrews said, “number two, you're usually not licensed to grow 20,000 marijuana plants on public land and this wasn't being sold locally that we are aware of. It's probably being sent off to other states that don't have the legalization of marijuana.”

Captain Andrews says since 2006 they've seen at least 13 of these types of marijuana operations in both Coos and Curry counties.

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