Sweet headed back to Coos County Commission; Zanni re-elected sheriff

Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni (SBG)

Commissioner John Sweet beat Katy Eymann in the race for Coos County Commissioner.

"We have several goals, One of them that we've been working on for a long time is to secure the sustainable financial package for the county."

Sweet has held the office since 2013.

"Other goals are to make sure the county is operating as efficiently as possible so we're making the best use out of our tax dollars," he said. "The other thing I'm concerned about is the amount of poverty in our county and in my mind the best cure for poverty is jobs and so I’m hoping that we can set the table here to attract more companies that will provide family wage jobs.”

Sheriff Craig Zanni won re-election, defeating challenger M.A. Kinnaird.

Zanni has served 8 years as sheriff.

When asked what he would do with another term, he said to “continue with what we’ve been doing - rebuilding our radio system, integrating emergency management into our everyday operations.”

He also mentioned getting the back jail section out of the basement to prevent issues should a natural disaster happen.

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