Couple biking around the world make Oregon coast stop

LANGLOIS, Ore. -- They set out to bicycle across Africa, but now a Polish couple has extended their journey -- they're biking around the world.

Five years into their trip, Chris and Adella have crossed four continents, and this week they made it to the Oregon Coast.

"We've been in the Middle East, east Africa, South America. Now we are headed to Alaska, then Asia, Australia, again Asia and Europe," said Kris Jozefowski, who is cycling the globe.

They started cycling simply because they were curious. Now they've made friends, eaten food, and experienced cultures all over the world -- with all of their possessions strapped to their bikes.

"Here every now and then we have to camp in campgrounds, but normally, when it's starting to get dark, we just look around and sneak into the bushes," said Adela Tarkowski.

At times enjoying the hospitality of strangers...

"In California and Oregon people are just stopping their cars and asking if we have a place to sleep,"

They are also gaining a new perspective.

"It's just nice to spread the word that the world is not that dangerous as people think, and I think we are real proof of that, because we are very vulnerable on our bikes, and we haven't had any major problems."

Adela says they're about half way through their trip.

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