'CPR is very important': Coos Bay Fire Department to host class

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COOS Bay, Ore. -- In an effort to make the community safer, the Coos Bay Fire Department is hosting a CPR class for health care providers this month.

The class will be held Tuesday, February 20, from 6-10 p.m.

Organizers say it’s intended for anyone aged eight years and up to learn basic lifesaving skills.

The cost is $50 and certification cards will be issued through the course.

"CPR is very important so there's been a lot of studies out there, a lot of documentation of good, high quality CPR being performed before the emergency responders and that greatly increases the chances of somebody's survival," says Steve Takis with Coos Bay Fore Department.

To register, contact the Coos Bay Fire Department's main station on Elrod.

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