Creswell's vote against recreation marijuana sends a clear message

Once again, residents in Creswell are voting on whether or not to allow marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in the city.

CRESWELL, Ore. - The results from Tuesday's Special Election sent a message loud and clear; the city's ban on recreational marijuana sales is still on.

More than 8 out of 10 ballots cast were against the county Measure 20-280.

A jubilan mayor David Stram says the people made their position very clear in the election, and there will be no recreational marijuana sales and no dispensaries in Creswell.

"We recognize we'll miss out on some marijuana revenue, that is our decision to make," said Mayor Stram.

Marijuana start-up "One Gro," who runs pot farms near Eugene and Cottage Grove, had placed the county measure on the ballot, hoping to turn Creswell into the hub of their expanded operations along Oregon Avenue.

"We've pretty much expected in the last month and a half or so that this was the way it was going to go," said Dan Isaacson, the CEO of One Gro. "That's why we opened our second facility in South Eugene for a dispensary."

City Council President Richard Zetterval said he predicted 60 percent of voters would reject the pot business measure, not 85 percent.

"Many of the business people reported feeling like they had been intimidated, threatened by One Gro, and that did not go over well with the community," said Mayor Stram.

With the Tuesday vote, Creswell stays with the cities of Coburg and Junction City by holding the local bans on recreational pot sales.

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