Deadline to claim expired tax refund checks is Oct. 13

Close-up of Refund on a tax return form with a pen.

SALEM, Ore. – The last day to claim expired tax refund checks is fast approaching and the Oregon Department of Revenue says thousands of Oregonians still have not received their money.

The deadline for claiming tax refund money is Oct. 13.

The checks expire two years after they’re issued and officials say there’s a limited window of time to get them reissued before additional requirements apply.

Every October, the Oregon Department of Revenue sends expired check amounts to the Unclaimed Property Program at the Department of State Lanes.

To claim the funds after the checks expire, taxpayers need a notarized claim and copies of identity-verifying documents.

The Department of Revenue sent letters to nearly 9,000 taxpayers in July, warning them that their checks would expire in October and that they need to request a new check before the amount transfers to DSL.

The department of Revenue said there were almost $2 million in expired refunds yet to be claimed in July.

If you received a letter from the Department of Revenue, you should sign it and return it before Oct. 13 or call 503-947-0084 to request a reissued check.

The Department of Revenue said people often misplace refund checks, or their mailing address isn’t correct on file.

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