Defunkify merges Oregon science and entrepreneurship

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EUGENE, Ore. - An advanced Oregon-made laundry detergent is growing in popularity, better designed to clean the newer synthetic materials that tend to retain odors.

CEO Richard Geiger says that's the idea behind a new high-tech laundry product called "Defunkify," which he and researchers at the University of Oregon Cam-Cor Lab teamed up to make.

Defunkify is a blend of plant seeds, minerals, high quality enzymes and other materials, and it acts as a high-performance eco-friendly detergent.

Compared to regularly used laundry detergent, Defunkify washes away dirt and grime that would usually be missed. The high resolution microscopes at Cam-Cor shows the gunk left behind with regular detergents compared to that of a garment cleaned with Defunkify.

"You can take your running top and just hang it on the closet door," said Geiger. "Let it dry, and the next day you can wear it and it won't smell."

This saves water in the long run, minimizing the need to wash your clothes as much.

Defunkify has been on the market since April, and Geiger says that consumer response has been great.

Eugene Running company and other athletic apparel stores carry the product, and it is now being stocked at Market of Choice.

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