Department of State Lands to hold hearing in North Bend on Jordan Cove LNG project

Retired fishery biologist Christine Moffitt, photographed on Jan. 9, 2019, in Coos County. (SBG)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The Department of State Lands will hold a public hearing in North Bend Thursday focused on the Jordan Cove LNG project.

The LNG project will bring some changes to the North Spit.

Retired fishery biologist Christine Moffitt says there'll be changes to the layout, accessibility and wildlife.

"The Department of State Lands essentially owns the land underneath the water, so if you are going to do anything with that land, you have to get permission from them," she says.

The Department of State Lands regulates removal and fill in state waters, and the bed and banks of those waterways.

In its most recent permit application, Jordan Cove proposes dredging the channel for access from the federal navigation channel to the marine slip.

"We're talking about habitat effects, and quite a bit of noise and disruption."

Jordan Cove plans a more than nine acre eelgrass mitigation for impacts from the dredging.

Another concern is carbon dioxide emissions from construction and operations called ocean acidification.

"Our oceans have become more acidic as a result of absorbing CO2 gas."

Moffitt says that can affect the health of the water.

A 60-day public input period ends next month.

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