Detering Orchards hosts first Apple Daze of the season

Apple Daze kicks off festival-season for Detering Orchards

HARRISBURG, Ore. - Fall is finally here, and for a farm in Harrisburg, that means that fruit is ripe for the picking.

Detering Orchards is having a festival every weekend this fall, and today kicked off the season.

Apple Daze welcomed hundreds of people all day long. Kids petting farm animals, and adults tasting alcoholic cider.

The farm owner says they are trying to make Detering Orchards the Disneyland of fall.

"Right when you show up at the farm, you feel it. You feel like you're out at a wonderland," said Stephen Demergasso, owner of Detering Orchards.

If you missed the festival on Sunday, you can go to the next one from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Sunday in October.

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