Die-hard Duck fan reflects: 'My dad taught the Tall Firs!'

Barbara Unck is a duck superfan whose father played for the University of Oregon basketball team. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. – The University of Oregon men's basketball team is in the Elite Eight, and fans are right behind them.

The Ducks will play Kansas Saturday night in Kansas City and fans are preparing for the big game.

The campus book store is handing out free Duck rags with every purchase.

One senior student who spent some time shopping for Duck gear said you can hear people shouting “Go Ducks!” all around campus.

"Go ducks! Let's do this! Go!” said one super Duck fan, Barbara Unck.

It’s hard to find someone with as much pride as she has.

"My father played basketball at the University of Oregon from 1930 to 1934, so he was a senior when the Tall Firs were freshman," said Unck. "He always liked to brag about the fact that he taught them how to play. My dad was the tallest on his team and he was only 5'11.”

Unck is a Daisy Duck. Along with hundreds of others, she's part of a booster club that acts as a support system for campus athletes.

Daisy Ducks cook dinners for teams and act as a family for athletes away from home. They even started a scholarship fund for students.

"It's a good time to be a duck. Oh, anytime is a good...once a duck you're always a duck. I know you hear that all the time but that’s how we really feel,” said Unck.

She's been showing extra support for the men's basketball team this season.

"Talk about March Madness! I mean, for me it's heart attack city. I’m so proud of them. Win or lose, they're doing wonderful,” she said.

No matter how far the teams goes, there will always be a cheering Duck.

"You go to the games and you can just tell we're different from a lot of the other fans out there,” said UO senior Erik Belzer.

If the Ducks win Saturday’s game they will go to the Final Four.

Oregon's last trip to the Final Four was in 1939 where they took home the NCAA championship.

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