Doorbell camera captures video of kids taking candy from bowl left outside door

    A doorbell camera caught a group of trick-or-treaters helping themselves to all of the candy left in a bowl outside the door of a Springfield home on October 31, 2018. (Courtesy Martin Fisher)

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Martin Fisher and his family didn't plan to be at home on Halloween.

    "We took our almost 3-year-old Trick or Treating out in West Eugene with some friends," he said Thursday. "Because we would not be home, we sat a large bowl of candy outside with a note that said 'take two'."

    The family lives on Kelly Butte.

    "We figure if you're willing to walk up that hill, you should get some candy," he said.

    They also have a motion-activated doorbell camera.

    Fisher shared a video of how the first group of visitors to their door on Halloween handled the situation. We have elected to blur the faces of the people caught on camera helping themselves to the candy.

    "When we got home, we got a few more trick or treaters," Fisher said, "and just stole candy from our kid to hand out."

    Like he said: It's a big hill.

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