Downtown Roseburg Association looks to better the area for everyone

The Roseburg Police Department has seen an uptick in downtown exclusion warnings recently, and last week, police gave out five of those warnings to people committing crimes in parts of the downtown area. (SBG).

ROSEBURG, Ore. - The Downtown Roseburg Association has a new executive director, so we reached out to people to see what improvements they'd like to see downtown.

Roseburg can be a quaint, but popular spot or people, especially downtown. However, some say that's not enough.

"A lot of small business nowadays is kinda dwindling away," said Zachary Johnson, who wants to see some improvements downtown. "I mean, it's still alive in Roseburg, but a lot of people--myself--don't even fully realize what's around downtown for the most part."

Susie Johnston-Forte, the new executive director of the Downtown Roseburg Association, hopes to change just that by helping local businesses out.

"There's grant money. There's small business federal money. There's just some ways that we can help bring resources to small businesses downtown," said Johnston-Forte.

The is also the homeless community, which is a concern to residents in the downtown area.

"Helping with homelessness could also fix the picture of downtown as well," said Johnson. "So people don't see it as a haven for homeless people. But again, homeless people should have a place to live though still."

Johnston-Forte tends to agree.

"Feel a lot of compassion, and would really like to help figure out a good situation for everyone," said Johnston-Forte.

As for Johnson, he says there's still some charm in the neighborhood.

"I like the improvements they've made so far," said Johnson. "I mean, it definitely looks more updated. It looks a little bit nicer, but I feel like there's still a lot more that could be done."

Johnston-Forte hopes that more people will speak up about the improvements to the downtown area, so that the community can enjoy them as a whole.

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