Driver crashes through wall of Portland parking garage

Crash at Smart Park garage in Downtown Portland - Photo courtesy Amanda Schmalz

PORTLAND, Ore. – A driver crashed into the wall of a downtown Portland parking structure Monday afternoon, sending concrete and debris crashing down to the sidewalk below.

No one was injured in the crash.

Emergency crews were called out to the Smart Park garage on SW 9th Avenue and Yamhill Street at about 3:45 p.m. on reports of a collision on the second floor.

Chunks of concrete from the retaining wall rained on to the sidewalk, missing any bystanders.

Stephanie Fall was working across the street at Montbell when she heard a loud noise.

"We thought someone hit the train or some other kind of car crash happened. Then we saw all the debris on the ground," she said.

The sound amplified for Stan Gills, owner of The Real Mother Goose. The crash happened right above his shop.

"It sounded like an explosion outside," he said. "It was very scary and everybody in our store jumped and screamed and ran out."

Police closed the sidewalk and the Portland Bureau of Transportation shut down the MAX service downtown temporarily.

While no one got hurt, if the MAX train had pulled up any later, it would've been a much different story.

"The whole sidewalk was people waiting for the MAX train until a few minutes before that. They all got on the train, doors closed and the concrete came down," said Gills.

No word from officials on the extent of damage to the structure.

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