Egan Warming Center celebrates 10 years of service

The Egan Warming Centers are open in Eugene/Springfield - and in need of volunteers. (SBG)

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - It's been 10 years since homeless veteran, Thomas Egan, froze to death on the streets of Eugene.

He died one December night in 2008.

The Egan Warming Centers were established in his honor to house the homeless on nights that reach 30 degrees or below

Director, Shelley Corteville says notices go out to social services with a list of sites that are open. Police or social workers will notify the homeless of these locations.

They will then be provided warm shelter, clothing and food for the night.

"I think it's a real blessing that neighborhoods are willing to embrace Egan Warming Centers and embrace the mission,” said Corteville.

Corteville says they're always accepting volunteers to help out at warming center locations.

Food donations can go straight to Food for Lane County.

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