Erma Burnell, 92-year-old woman murdered in Creswell, honored on Saturday

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    CRESWELL, Ore. - Saturday night was the candlelight vigil for the 92-year-old woman who was murdered in Creswell earlier this week.

    It's hard to show you who Erma Burnell was, but it's not hard to show you what she meant to the community in Creswell.

    This is a story about Erma and who she was to others. Her vigil Saturday night had a big turnout under the stars, without a single cloud in sight.

    One woman said she worked with Erma years ago. She says she was witty, loved getting together with friends and was an amazing cook.

    There were many people who didn't know her but felt it important to come out and support.

    Not one picture of Erma was found at the vigil, but the gathering of the community was enough to show that her life was well celebrated.

    "This is shocking to the community, nothing like this has happened before,” said Jason Davis with Lane County Public Health Services.

    And now, balloons have been left at her house on Creswood Drive. People of the community hold dear to their warm memories of Erma Burnell.

    We tried to reach out to Erma's neighbors, but they were either not home or did not wish to speak on camera.

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