Eugene looking to add more vehicle charging stations

Increase in electric cars drives need for charging stations in Eugene (SBG).

EUGENE, Ore. - According to a new study released by the OSPIRG Foundation - a statewide, public interest non-profit – electric vehicles are hitting U.S. streets in record numbers and have increased in sales by 32 percent in 2017.

Arcimoto in Eugene partnered with the OSPIRG Foundation to help Eugene transition to the projected up-swing of electric vehicles within the next decade.

But, the preparations go much further than the vehicles themselves.

According to the study, 12,000 electric vehicles are expected to hit Eugene roads by 2030.

“We think it's important to move forward and get off of fossil fuels,” Charlie Fisher with the OSPIRG Foundation said.

The OSPIRG Foundation’s partner, Arcimoto, is taking that to heart. It’s creating full-speed, electric vehicles on three wheels.

But, these are just one type of electric vehicles, with Teslas and Prius’ on the market, that need a charge.

Right now, there are 44 charging stations in Eugene. And, the reports states the city will need a whopping 437 stations by 2030 to keep up with the demand.

“You can just plug it into a normal outlet at the house, but if you don't have a driveway - you don't have a garage. If you're parking in the street, there's a huge need to actually refuel the vehicle,” Mark Frohnmayer with Arcimoto said.

The city said there is not a budget to install new charging stations just yet, but that it’s looking into further investments as it sees fit.

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