'I don't know what I supposedly did': Senator Kruse denies sexual harassment claims

FILE- In this Feb. 14, 2012, file photo, Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, speaks at the Capitol in Salem, Ore. Democratic Sen. Sara Gesler, who accused Kruse of inappropriate touching, said Monday, Oct. 23, 2017, that she heard accounts from other women in the Oregon State Capitol of such behavior by men. Kruse, whose committee assignments were removed last week as a punishment, says he hasn't been informed what he's accused of, and that he's been denied due process. (Timothy J. Gonzalez/Statesman-Journal via AP, File)

State Senator Jeff Kruse is finally speaking out for the first time after being accused of sexual harassment, following Senator Sara Gelser's allegations that Kruse touched her inappropriately.

Senate President Peter Courtney removed Kruse from his committee assignments following the complaints.

"Women in the Capitol do not want you to touch them," Courtney told Kruse in a letter.

However, Kruse denies the allegations made against him, and says he doesn't know exactly what he did wrong.

"The people that know me, know that this is a political witch hunt," said Kruse. "There have been no details. Nothing has been revealed, so it's awful hard for me to comment when I don't know what I supposedly did or who's involved."

Recently, a petition has come out calling for Kruse's removal from office. Roseburg resident, Brad Allen, organized the petition, but says he doesn't think it will go anywhere even though people should believe victims of sexual harassment.

At the moment, Kruse says he is waiting to see what party leaders decide, and what their next move is going to be.

Meanwhile, Kruse is facing another controversy involving an online video. The Willamette Week reports that a YouTube video has surfaced that apparently shows an online chat where Kruse is not wearing a shirt. A caption on the video claims that he was engaging in a sexual axt.

Kruse confirmed to Willamette Week that it is indeed him in the video, and that it was a private conversation between adults.

Kruse says that he informed police about a blackmail attempt.

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