Police arrest man for 7th time in 6 weeks

NORTH BEND, Ore. - For the seventh time in six weeks, officers arrested a local man who police say is on a crime spree.

Police continue to arrest 21-year-old Kyler Beltran on drug and theft charges, and police tell KCBY News that Beltran does not care if he is arrested over and over again.

The most recent arrest came Monday in the Empire District of Coos Bay.

Police arrested Beltran on Possession of a Controlled Substand and Possession of Burglary Tools charges. In addition to that, Coquille Police had asked that Coos Bay Police arrest him on Probable Cause for Theft III and Burlary II charges.

The arrest comes just days after Beltran was arrested for theft charges in North Bend.

Coos Bay Police sent out a warning about Beltran at the beginning of April after he was allegedly caught shoplifting from three Coos Bay stores in March.

Police continue to warm local businesses about Beltran and his history of allegedly stealing things, and local residents are being asked to look out for Beltran in their neighborhoods.

Police said if you see Beltran acting suspiciously in your area, do not approach him, but call 911.

Because Beltran's crimes are misdemeanors, law enforcement have not had the power to keep Beltran in jail for more than a couple of days at a time.

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