Gun control legislation a focus for Governor Kate Brown


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, Oregon Governor Kate Brown is revitalizing her efforts for gun control legislation.

In a statement, Governor Brown says she wants to close what she calls "loopholes" in the current gun control legislation. Every time she has tried to do so, it has failed.

And again, even after 58 people lost their lives to gun violence in Las Vegas, a State Representative who is currently living in Springfield still fears it won't be enough to make changes in gun legislation.

With the next legislative session on the horizon, Governor Brown says she's focusing on gun violence prevention measures.

"We as lawmakers must put politics aside and work together to keep our communities safe," said Brown.

The first step for Governor Brown is to close the Charleston loophole, named after the Charleston shootings in South Caroling carried out by Dylan Roof.

Experts say Roof was prohibited from buying a fire arm, but got one anyway because of a background check error.

In a statement, Governor Brown said she wants to keep a person who is prohibited from purchasing a firearm unless, and until the Oregon State Police can determine they are eligible.

In other words, extend the background check period until it is reviewed by the state police.

Governor Brown's statement also states that closing the boyfriend loophole would update the definition of a domestic violence offender to match the definition already in Oregon law, and add persons convicted of misdemeanor stalking to those prohibited from purchasing firearms.

Representative Lively says that with this, domestic violence offenders won't be able to but a gun, as well as stalkers too.

Lively says many opponents of this proposed legislation are afraid their second amendment rights will be taken away. And even though gun violence took more than 50 lives in Las Vegas last weekend, he wouldn't be surprised if gun control laws failed again, especially during a short legislative session.

The next legislative session is next February, and it will last only 35 days. If the legislation does not pass, they will reconvene in February of 2019, which is after an election, meaning there could be different lawmakers aiming to make a big decision with gun control.

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