Harlem Wizards visit North Bend for middle school fundraiser

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NORTH BEND, Ore. -- North Bend Middle school is hosting a fundraiser this Monday at the North Bend High School gymnasium and organizers say it’ll be a slam dunk!

The Harlem Wizards, a trick basketball team, is making a stop at the Bulldogs' gymnasium for an evening of entertainment featuring trick hoops and "alley oops."

The Wizards will even take on some teams formed by people you may recognize, including members of the Coast Guard, police officers, teachers and staff from the North Bend School District.

It's been a while since the middle school has had a fundraiser like this.

"It's huge; it's a potential to be a huge moneymaker for the middle school to help raise funds for the stuff that kind of gets forgotten, like extra programs, extra technology in the classrooms or field trips that gets that hands-on experience for the kids," explains Harlem Wizards committee member Heather Rocha.

Tip-off is at 7 p.m. Monday. Kids under four get in free.

You'll find ticket information at the North Bend Middle School website.

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